A Silent Train

We all are 'trains', different trains whether we know it or not, acknowledge it or not. We might have varieties of journeys, different destinations but sadly, we all, have to be born, walk on earth and pass away one day. This is life, the common thing between us, human.

1st Station:
Throughout the window
Forests turned green
Stations lay silently
People stopped talking
I sat passionately.
2nd Station:
Throughout the window
Eagles left their homes
The blue sky followed me
The grey clouds almost cried
I stood up firmly.
3rd Station:
Throughout the window
The sea turned grey
Some waited to get in
Some waited to get out
My heart jumped hastily.
The Last Station:
Throughout the window
The bloody last station
Welcomed me as a guest
I felt warm, and fiery
I was, back home finally.

The End

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