A Silent Scream

A smiling devil I see, and a haunted dream.

When you look at me I give a silent scream.


Just because you've been hurt

by someone who was nice

as they kicked you to the dirt

don't close your eyes

to the damage you've faced.

Pour some medicine back out

in a spoon to be placed

in the very same mouth

that beckoned you to trust.

Don't look at their eyes.

Coz while this is just,

you'll think your thoughts are lies

and you'll risk a relapse

to that vulnerable place

and your strength will collapse.

So now it's a race

between your own inner voices,

and the devil on your shoulder.

In the end it's our choices

that'll make us bolder.



Make them wait.

Make them fight for you

til they feel the weight

you've carried right through.

I am not waiting to be your Plan B.

And I'm not invisible


The End

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