Short Confrontation

Very often you meet friends, acquaintances after a very long time.
You observe changes in them, and the way they meet people.
Here, the author meets an acquaintance who has had his share of good and bad patches in his life and now looks very happy with whatever he has. The author has personified the acquaintance in the form of a cloud and describes beautifully the meeting that follows.
He comes and goes, with just a lesson to be remembered.
Do what you love, and cling to it.

It gawked at me,
while I did too.

O’er jade patches,
brooks and barren,
this cloud had come.

Floating freely,
deprived of worries,
It defined freedom

Even as he enjoyed,
he met some friends,
Who’d gotten heavier,
with the track of time.

Whose faces,
were washed out,
by distress.

Now it seemed as if,
He bid them adieu.
And brushed past them,
as he bid me too.

The End

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