A shanty for my antyMature

An old, gritty sea song and its layman explanation

Oh, this be the shanty
I sing to my anty
if she doffs the panty
and wishes to play

wishes to play, wishes to play
when she doffs the panty
she's ready to play

Some ships harbor dockside
and some ships harbor rock side
but if you're sailing box-slide
you do as you may

do as you may, do as you may
when you're sailing box-slide
you do as you may

Some boys chew on dry wheat
and some boys chew on red meat
but when I'm with anty I eat
sweet cream all the day

cream all the day, cream all the day
when I'm with anty I eat
sweet cream all the day

Some girls like their candy
and other girls like brandy
but my anty finds it dandy
to drink up her lay

cheers to her lay, cheers to her lay
when my anty finds it dandy
to drink up her lay

* * * * * * *
anty - a slang term for a prostitute or dockside whore

doffs the panty - expression used by sailors when referring, especially about a woman, to nakedness ; the alternate expression for a man would be 'doffs the sling'

box-slide - another name for 'gang plank' as it is primarily used to load and unload a ship's cargo.

sailing box-slide - expression used by sailors when referring to copulation, intercourse, or sex at sea; similar to 'riding the plank', which gets its origins from 'walking the plank'

you do as you may - plays on the ships harboring lines ; smaller ships can harbor dockside while larger ships cannot or are disallowed, however it refers to the orifices of the body and suggests that very little is restricted during the sex act

sweet cream - a slang term for a woman's bodily fluids ; also slang for the womanly regions of a female body

drink up her lay - expression used by sailors when referring to the act of a woman swallowing a man's fluid excretions during the sex act

The End

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