I met a girl today.
At work, her name was Emma.
Gracing me with jet black hair,
And hazel eyes that made me tremor.

She wore a tattoo of a Lilly,
Or a flower, on her wrist.
I tried not to appear too intrusive,
But my mind, it did persist.

I was fascinated by this lovely lady,
Maybe because she was new to me?
Or possibly just stunned watching
This alternative thing of beauty be.

Alas, she speaks.
With the gentle voice
Of an angels lullaby.
Speaking of her life, and how
She’s in love with another guy.

And yet, i am not downhearted.
Because, just aiming to be friends,
Is how this all started.
And so it will stay,
And so I will say;
Of how I’m happy just to know her.
And thrilled that she likes me too.
As I sit back and watch,
Until my heartbeat stops.
The amazing girl, with the lily tattoo.

The End

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