I imagine angels to have bright blonde hair
Not this one.
Natural brunette, hazel eyes,
She glows with such radiance,
That her halo burns my eyes.

She is the very face of empathy...somehow.
A look that just suggests that she knows.
Always there to rid my sorrow,
So that the liquor need not flow.

Her hair; naturally voluminous and curly,
Luscious lips, and a soothing complexion.
Sitting with a smile all the while.
But it’s her energy that makes me love this girly.

Enthusiasm, excitement, opinionated, with passion
Loving, affectionate, and close to her friends,
I hear of her being a writer...
And i just fall for her again.

Maybe it’s the mystery of her?
That i want her attention and affection?
But i’d prefer that i see her glide,
And the image of the glow in her complexion.
Than a dampening, disheartening correction.

...So it’s better she doesn’t know

The End

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