She’s bloody bonkers!
But I love her!
She’s random, playful,
filled with heart.
She’s as bright as a button,
And twice as smart.
She’s magical with the things she says,
She’s just enchanting in her own little ways.

She loves harry potter,
I think she knows every word!
She’s obsessed with Voldemort
She’s wonderfully absurd!

Her other great passion,
Sprays from her lips.
Beautifully painting the world of linguists,
French, German, Spanish with charm.
She does it gracefully,
Natural, relaxed, fluent and calm.

She’s the same as when I met her!
Back in reception, or year 1?
11 years to the letter,
And none of that personality’s gone!
But now we’re 11 years ahead.
And the rest of the class have changed,
But not Mollie, never Mollie.
Beautiful, amazing, and wonderfully strange.

Ryan Smith – 07/05/11

The End

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