A Series Of Poems About Girls



She’s beautiful...
Just beautiful.
She blesses me with her eyes,
Her lips, her hips, her face.
Vicariously reinforcing me with,
Her saving grace.

Her style, subtly Indie.
Her tops, stripy.
Vibrant colours, she’s got style,
Complemented by her bare beauty,
Her appearance makes me smile.

She’s not just a pretty face,
She’s got substance,
A sense of humour, passion, and heart.
I bloody loved this girl from the start,
She’s more than a pretty sensation.
She’s inspiration.
In a world surrounded by fake beauty,
And girls with bad attitudes,
She manages to elude the stereotypes.
And become her own, breaking the mould,
In her own fantastic zone.

I barely know this girl,
But i know it’s how i want girls to be.
A sense of humour, a sense passion,
Or at least...that’s what appeals to me.

The End

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