A Secret they could NEVER tell

this here is a short poem that well just came to me outta the blue one day hope you all enjoy.

She was heaven sent and he hell bound

But they were both bound togather by one continent

Yet seperated by two different hood's

A love very misunderstood

You see she was the have's and He the have not's

But yet she would give it all just to have him and him, well he would get it all just to give to

her And she well she was infacuated with his love and He well, She was his ONLY treasur

And he'd give his ONLY meal at the soup kitchen just to spend time with her

And her well she would take time from time JUST to spend time with him

But they knew that his folk's & her folk's would'nt take it well so.......

Their love became a secret that they could never tell #spokenword


The End

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