A Sea of Emotions

The sea lies in your eyes,

Ready to crash inside,

And when the tides have turned,

The bay will overflow,

And wash the pain of your heart,

Upon the sandy shores of my shoulder. 

Up come the rocks of life,

They tumble away,

Leaving destruction in the sand,

Which life then washes away.

And here appears the seaweed,

The slime and rope that strangles,

And chokes the throat with tears,

While more rocks gather for their turn,

To crash upon the shore.

Each rumbling roar,

Each crashing cry,

Speaks the graves of emotions,

Long left to dry.

And while they tumble on the shore,

I'll pick them up, dust them off,

And lift them from your heart,

To throw them back at the ocean of life.

The End

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