a scraped knee makes me ponder my existence as an escort to my friends' future successes

fell off my friend's motorcycle today - somehow i ended up with this completely unrelated thing.

i'm a paperweight in the scheme of things,
clicking, ticking clocks hold no time for me

i constantly feel like i'm just
escorting my friends to their greatness

they will do amazing things one day - 
my job is just to get them there. 

my future holds nothing notable, 
and i struggle in perceptions of what i will be. 

people ask me constantly, 
and all i can say is 
no to lawyer,
no to doctor,
no to surgeon,
no to all of the other prestigious jobs
it seems i'm expected to fall into. 

i do not know what i am to be, 
a thin poker play 
to melting glaciers of cares. 

if this is life, 
i do not care for it. 

The End

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