A Rose and a Ladybug

Children seek comfort and shelter in adults the same way a ladybug seeks comfort inside of a rose.

The rose

Beheld petals soft as velvet.

Prickly, red thorns

Protruded from the long, slender and deep green stem.

Leaves branched off in groups of four,

No discoloration, just deep green.

The small ladybug crawled off the thorn it had been camouflaged with.

It crawled under and around the leaf,

Quickly and quietly,

As if it were angry or without thought.

Locked together tightly,

The rose was perfected in form.

The pink color was soft and warm.

A drop of rainwater started to fall out of the cushioned inside of the petals.

The inside of this rose produced a bud

Closed like eyes of a newborn kitten.

The sun was warm against the flower,

Enveloped in the midst of a stale air.

The rose,

Admired, could never be man-made.

Finally, the ladybug, calmly crawled up the rose,

Finding peace, rest and happiness,

Inside of its delicacy.

A slight breeze

Does not stir this rose.

The ladybug became more still,

The air became drier.

It seemed like all moisture

Was locked inside

The pink rose.

The End

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