A Romantic Night

A Love poem with a small twist at the end.

Soon I will see my little Juliet,

She’s waiting for me on the bridge,

I’ve already prepared a banquet,

I can see her on the ledge,


How beautiful is she under the moonlight,

A beauty to behold,

How lucky am I to see such a sight,

To think I’m her sweet Romeo,


A lover’s night this is indeed,

It seems Venus has done her part,

If only I had prepared a speech,

That would send me straight to her heart.


I’ve already bought the roses,

The candles and chocolates as well,

Truly she is beautiful with her smile and sexy poses,

It’ll be a sweet night I can tell.


But to really pick me then say,

I’m the hottest guy in school,

You’d think upon her I’ve cast a spell,

Or shoot cupid’s arrow.


Will she say there’s another guy?

Or will she fall for me head over heels,

Will she only say “Goodnight” and “Goodbye”?

Or will she say our love life is sealed?


Her auburn brown hair and Brilliant blues eyes,

Oh, I just can’t resist,

But what if these are all lies?

Wouldn’t that make a serious dis’?


Well, I think I’ve stood here long enough,

This is a date I can’t miss,

But the funny thing is that I stood here,

Because I wanted to piss.

The End

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