A Reason

There is no reason why

I should not be happy today


Hot heat sizzles the skin

Lovely birds conversing free

Nowhere would i rather be!

A jolly day, and what about me?


Masses of clouds covers the sun

The apple tree grips its fruits

All i can see are leaves of green.  A buzzing bee!

And the weary me, with no company.


There is no reason why

I should not be happy


In the past.  A picture in a photograph

The passion.  A smile.  The life i left

behind.  Hurt.  Loved.  Hunger and Pain

buried in the cloud where my head lays

A cackle, a laugh, far away

distraction in a distant land lead astray

Tiny creature, here i am

refusing to join this heaty clan

If it rains, let it rain

Let me not live another day again


There is no reason

why i should


Now i see a golden creature beneath the grass,

Hope among the dead at last.

It crawls above the heavenly green,

Stops.  Drops, dead on the scene.


There is no reason why...




The End

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