A Realm Beyond

I had to write this poem for school, and well, I got a lot of positive feedback. I decided to put this up here and see what people liked. If you've read my work before, I'm interested in dreams (Memories in Shadows) so I like to write about them.

Under some trance, what dimension lies beyond.

Bizarre and twisted, this realm built by Conscience:

A man hidden in nearly shattered bonds

As awareness by dormancy sentenced.

A plain, where knowledge itself becomes frisked

And manipulated, as tongues of thought

Are skewed and altered, and in the abyss

Are obliterated by Hypnos’ beasts.

This expanse of such bewildering truths

Yet falsely provoke our shortsighted minds

Defies the lawful existence of the

Supposed omniscient “human being.”

Further your resting eyes watch this place,

They will open up to truth of endless days.

The End

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