A Realisation In the Spring

This poetry is on the Spring and how I realise the meaning of it.

It was Spring,

the all seasons' king

no one wanted to stay in home,

as the trees were in full bloom,

the trees were chirping,

in the start of evening,

My sister siad, 'What a nice day !'

I replied, 'Why are you so gay?'

She just said, 'the nature is at its best, so, don't why we just enjoy?'

I was in a wonder,

that what is it in spring,

that everybody, everyone love it, only it.

Did it give them money or some special things?

But after some time I just realised that

It gives them only one thing,

It gives them a feeling,

of being free and a part of nature.

In last I just want to say that,

go out if the spring is gay.

The End

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