A Raven Against Purest Snow

Denounced by fair Eden

And abandoned by Reason

Plummeting to ground below.

I arose with a sigh

To sounds of despise

And eyes set by madness aglow.


But, lo, had they known

The incest I'd been shown

And upon blamed the Father of Lies.

The pillage and spoil

Caused my blood then to boil

The "upright" I grew to despise.


Voices garbled with wine

Calling themselves divine

Their hypocrisy maddens me still.

Procreation of fear

For the end that drew near;

Corruption and greed was their will.


Through the shearing of wings

And allegiance to kings

Alone and with no place to go.

I turned them my back

Enveloped in black

A raven against purest snow.


The End

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