For Eternity

Can't do anything right.

Promises, promises, fall flat in the night.

Wake up to the morning, this will be the day.

That day, it flies by, and thou twiddle thy time away.

Tears drip down-- they fall.

What do they do? Nothing at all.

Change, thou say'st, change is in the air.

Believing thyself, is it really fair?

Thou know'st how it's going to end, deep in thy heart,

Yet thou cover the truth, think thou art so smart.

Tell me, what's the answer?

Can't take it, can't take it, it's spreading, this cancer.

Tell me, O Wise One,

Great sage of all that's Said and Done,

Tell me, o, tell me what to do.

Tell me what's true, what's true, what's true.

The End

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