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the Walls, they enclose.

they Enclose--they enclose.

safety? No.

prison? Forever.

they Surround, surround,

press In, oh, they press in.

gone is my Breath.

gone is my Calm.

i Fear,

i Panic

pound on all four Walls,

pound on the mocking Door.

door laughs, it laughs,

cruelly Taunts me,

cruelly Taunts me, sniggering, at me.

i fall, i Weep,

down on the cold Grey floor,

down on the cold, cold Grey floor.

Floor Smirks, it Smirks,

at me weeping in cold Grey fear,

me weeping in cold Grey Tears.

i Slump, i Shake, i Quiver.

and As I lay on the Floor, in a State of near Insanity,

the Door opens up,

the Door of the room opens up.

And in comes the director.

"You ready?"

I nod--what else can I do, but nod! and blink my tears away, and take a deep, shaky breath, and walk.

Walk out on the stage of a million lights and a million spectators waiting for me.

The End

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