A Radish's Lament

A silly poem I wrote when I was twelve, dedicated to all the forgotten vegetables in our crisper drawers...

Nobody loves a radish

It's proved over again each year

People eat carrots and taters and snow peas

While I rot in the veggie drawer here


Nobody loves  a radish

I've been here since the fifteenth of June

These folks snack on cel'ry and broc'li with ranch

But for me, they haven't got room


Nobody loves a radish

By now, it's the eighth of July

Of the following year. They've forgotten I'm here!

To this day I can't understand why


They eat beets, they eat beans

They eat pumpkins and squash

They eat spinach and sprouts, goodness knows!

Why they can't stomach me

I will never quite see

Though the pretty blue mold grows in rings on my toes


Nobody loves a radish

I really don't know what to do

I'll be in here forever! I'll never leave, never!

If they just won't eat me, will you?

The End

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