A Quiet Monster

You might have encountered these creatures before--let them be players of elaborate mind games, silver tongued psychopaths, or cold and clinical tricksters--what they all have in common is that they love to poke people and watch them twitch.
When pitted against such monsters, you must learn whatever you can about the way they operate, learn more about yourself in the process, and most importantly, learn to not fall prey to them again.

How terrifying it is, to be seen

To be known

I reached out, grasping in the dark

Desiring connection

Thirsting for understanding

I reached out

And touched a void.

Caught in the eye of the outsider, a part of me

Spilled out into his open hand

And he smiled.

A smile of cruelty and indifference

Or amusement and fascination?

I saw a quiet monster

Who delighted in making my mind

His playground.

I saw myself, opening the door

And letting him in.

When the fire died down

When the embers cooled

I dared to reconsider

That this monster might have been just

A man.

Certainly with origins no stranger than mine

With ideologies so different, forged

From a calculating intellect

Pressing and probing at anyone

Who dares to knock on his door.

How terrifying it is

To tell a secret

You never thought you would tell

How wonderful it is

To be glimpsed,

And to glimpse yourself:

Naked fear

Quivering doubt


These monsters of the ego

Sometimes make us grow.

The End

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