A Quiet Girl's Life

A poem about a very quiet girl, and all that she has to go through and experience.

Here I am,

I want you to see me,

And I want you to hear me,

I want you to see me for who I am.


Eye contact is frightening,

So much so I look elsewhere.

I glance at someone out of the corner of my eye,

But even that is hard and awkward.


I can't see you,

And you can't see me.

I wish I could,

But I want to flee.


I like to help people,

I like to make people smile,

But nobody can help me,

I can't even make myself smile.


Why is everyone so loud and scary?

Why is everyone so much more contented?

Why am I so quiet?

Why am I so unhappy?


This is a quiet girl's life.


This is my life.

The End

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