To Whom This Promise is Addressed To

 Upon hearing her response to my impassioned letter sent through understanding, my eyes view hers.  Silver plated in remembrance of a heart that loves her, but haunted by the past that becomes her.  She ran out onto the mountain pass, and emboldened by a glance, paused for me and I followed, pulling her in my arms.  Silver plated eyes stared at me, in remembrance of a heart that loves her, but haunted by the past that becomes her.  

As to whom the tainted saint is, she who reads this promise knows to whom I keep it to, so I address this, Tainted Saint, to You

“Your arms like lead, thy heart dead,

Limbs limp like brittle leaves on decaying trees

You hang, amongst the edge that invites you to disaster

And I too, join you, here and forever after

To try to coax you, not off the ledge, but into my arms

To confide in me, no matter what you feel is harm

I don’t love either, I hate all my friends too

Left them all on a deserted road, when they ignored my incessant chatter

‘Stay, Stay!’ I called, and heard from no one hereafter

I cannot hug what leaves me in the fog in mourning

Nor make them slaves to a heart I haven’t dug in the morning

I too want to be a master, let my emotions run free

Ignore the depression and control my aggression to suppress their rage at me

To possess their hearts, as they have possessed mine

Art is my favorite con, and I am the scammer

Leading the sheep to some mad hatted shepherd and leaving them in my wake like nothing mattered

I see your desperation calling out to the savior that would gain your adoration

A cry to you, oh tainted saint that hath become my muse

If you read these lines, written in silence, know I am with you

Powerful can be a heart understood in all it’s thickened gloom

And I care. Our Lord knows it too.


I’ve never had a girlfriend, for my heart is always open bare.  Loving everyone; even those who despised the smile and glancing stare And do you know why?  Because my soul bleeds through every word I speak.  Even if they are only read by me.I too, left my friends to their own devices, because they tried making me into a copy of themselves in their greed.  You are not greedy because you want space.  You are protecting your heart from their unknown bitter disgrace.  You strike me as a girl, who would ask me to follow you into the darkness.  I shall, mademoiselle, as I always have told you."


And she leapt of that ledge.

And I did too.

The End

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