Advice From The Healing Heart To The Tainted Saint

 No one can define who we are

What we are

Where we’re from

Only we,






In my thoughts and in my dreams, you’re always on my mind


I see the way you look around the room

Carrying yourself from class to class

There’s no shame in mistakes

I see them watch you embarrass yourself,

No one notices

I do, and come over

Seeing the sadness engrained in your silver eyes

I am the only one to comfort you in the rooms of my dreamscapes, composed with a million of your emotions.

I want to embrace you, hear your sorrowful life song, and multiply your happiness

For many in the world only see what they think

Never what they need


I see the stains on your jeans, where work has marked you

And I can only smile, without knowing why

Your confidence hides those deep dark scars of your psyche

Every pain brings us closer to ourseleves I’m slowly finding

So don’t be afraid to be who you are

For that makes you more beautiful than all those around you


Be yourself, not who they wish

You worry too much, about perception

Tainted saint of sexuality hidden in unending grace.


The first thing I ever heard was hatred from those who loved me

It was that, which created the person writing these poems

Outcast, lost, forgotten, tainted saint too

High school was never where I fit in, college, neither


Don’t try to paint yourself into another’s landscape

Let them paint you as the model

Stick out, because that is an exclamation of humility.

Don’t be scared

You’re not alone now

Write, even if it isn’t your career

Fight for the Truth, for you are the greatest warrior writing for others like you.


Don’t listen to the jaded adults that deceive you

I’ve been there, I’ve seen them all.


Beyond all who don’t see you, you are swimming in the purest ocean of Eden

In the air, is an opening to see the heavens


And the Nightingale, flies to show you the path

And on that path

Forever remains, the dawning of a new age.


Tainted saints we are and tainted saints we may always be

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti

In these doubtful flames I have already scorched myself in to find you

I just want you to know

I will always be waiting

The End

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