Memories Led Me Back to The Cathedral (Cathedral Part II)

In my dreams there was a castle by the sea

And I sat upon the throne of my insecurity.

A nightingale called to me

To show me what I had to be

Washed in flame my sight proclaimed

A frail young tainted saint, so lost and ashamed

Her lips were cracked like cellophane

When I left high school so He claims

This same belle of my dreams was to inspire novels

And now the light whisks away the dusk


Can you hear the nightingale?

Can you see the wings?

The wind howls advice at me

"That girl still needs a dark winters knight, to guide her through to morning light."

As I see her through a glass darkly

I proclaim without shame

"Bright as your soul

Is the love in your hands

Hands that are as bright

As the body you are within"

Coming closer, ever present in the clearest of rains

I opened the door and was once more forced to proclaim more adoration for the saint that did not know my name:

"Amongst the stars you burn like fires raining down from Heaven’s gates

And to adversaries this drives them quite irate

Tonight, all the ones who despise you

Last night sung of your glory

Don’t you see the power of the Words God said to give you life?

The payment for this gift had to come from strife."


My heart is an open chasm from which all love used to reside

Bitter from entrusted souls that only widened the divide

Of that blasphemed place called my heart


I see that angel of light, crying again, with bitter pains

Against that beautiful paned window

Stained with tears of her sorrow

The tainted saint turns, and comes to meet me

 Her eyes are like candles

Her hair like silk

The beautiful belle speaks from her guilt

"You love me for my body and because lust is reborn

The serpent dressed me and left me craving more

Once upon the world I was alive

But now with soul deadened from all my as you called it ‘strife’

I have nothing more to give.

Leave now for my sin will only tarnish you

This is all I have to give

This is all I crave

Sorrow and despair

Makes me beg for better days.”

I know not what to say

Nor what to do

This angelic creature stares with her silver eyes

As if to say “I love you, be mine.”

And in that Cathedral, I found my bride.

The End

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