A Promise To Keep To You, The Tainted Saints

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Relax, it's over

The nightmares fade away

Finally sober to the drunken dream’s masquerade

I see your eyes stare at this twisted saint’s parade


So I pray

This day

I pray

I pray


Give onto me the dream that made me ache

Although I’m not the best candidate

May I help the hidden tainted saints

And savor every second of their bliss


If you hate me let me know

I’d rather have a reason to fall alone

My heart is open for those lonely self-tainted saints

Even if my blood boils cold, I’d prefer to help you than let you go!


Scent of the tainted saint’s salty seas

Within lie dormant her intoxicating melodies

First of true born loves were resurrected and massacred on said one’s shoulders

While I dreamed of an angel without care for her heart


To bring her home is all I need

My path destined through pain for a taste of life

They say I’ve lost the path before me

But I have all I need


“Will you go through hell for this woman?” was the first question He asked me.




Bring me with You or leave me be

My love is in another dark part of the night

I have lost the friends that sustain me

And what can my life really be!


Take me, kill my flesh and bring me home!

Guide me, lead me to where I belong
Every night I keep dreaming of the tainted saint

Wondering how she can be helped by this stumbling abhorrent beast!

Lord, redeem me,

Free me from darkness into childhood

Show me myself without a shell

So that like the advent of a new age

I’ll be there, when that tainted saint will say

“I don’t deserve your love!”


My soul calls out for you

My heart is bleeding for you

If you’re a twisted saint, feel free to cut me

For I’ll walk through hell itself to save you


For if the saint of my dreams is tainted indeed

Then may this beast come to comfort thee

As it is written, ask and you shall receive

Not all at once, but as much as you need

The End

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