To Eliza And The Other Tainted Saints

She was different in so many ways that Poe himself could not describe her.

A bleeding heart though strong in will and bound to a man she cannot be near

For he has been dead for many a year

He wrote many poems and stories for her

But he did not know her


Although blinded by labels – prep, punk or other

These did not in fact describe her.

So she searched for who she was using Google

Scoured Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter, for an answer

They called her misguided so she took to a group called what she thought she was on Facebook


Aye it is for you, tainted saint that I write

The one that doesn’t know which sea for her ship to ride

The one who posts videos embracing who she is

Although haunted by the many voices screaming in her ears


I wish that I could have fixed things while I still remained

Though honestly brazen, I was well meaning and unashamed

I believe in you, yes you all the same


She loved Baudelaire, and the pale white women in coffins

The black and the dark

But she struggled all the same to call herself Goth


So she asked in the group:

“What am I”, and they scoffed

As a million opinions occurred as to if she was in fact one of us


7000 people and a few good friends

Can’t save the poor children from all the daggers thrust within

I grew tired of watching their hearts break

Tired of the suicide threats thrown, saw my hands shake

Asked for something to be done, yet nobody came to the plate


There are no words I can say,

Brendan I’m sorry, but this isn’t okay

I cared too much to see one person in pain


So I left, and I yelled and complained

That you couldn’t just favor your friends, and that it was lame

That 7000 people dictated which way you looked, towards or away.


Tainted saint I apologize for their lies

You are who you are, I know it’s a surprise.

Never let another tell you how to live your life

The hair color you should dye

The way you dress is fine


Just be you, and let the others walk by


Because Tainted Saint

You’ll be just fine.

The End

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