In The Ocean of Regret (Fleeting Darkness)

In the ocean of regret he wandered amongst the wavering tides

And wished he knew where doth the answers reside in his muddled lunatic brain

Yes. He loved her.  Yes, he wanted to be with her, along with other desires that he pushed aside

He couldn’t say it though; all that transpired, because he never knew what it was like to HAVE someone there.


Love is a foreign word

Dictated in blank verse

“I love you”

Three words he could not comprehend

Because he was a liar, a cheater and a dishonest man


And he was obsessed with passions, consumed by lust and anchors of pain

Yes, he wants her, and yes, only to him, again and again

Yes he would agree to her begging, but he could not share

Because others had left him before ma chere


So he wrote and composed and found muses who loved his writings

With prose he found fleeting fame

But oh how he wanted the flame

And so he drowns in the ocean of regret

Because when faith leaves you, you have nothing left.

The End

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