A Poem to the Substance Destroyer

Protagger for life!

I find myself staring at this keyboard an hour past
when I first sat here
Not that I'm surprised anymore
This is a usual occurrence after every word spoken
from you in my direction
I don't know why it is
that I have to pause, collect, and recollect my thoughts
before any response
I suppose apart of me enjoys this

Being apart of this process has never been an inconvenience
but rather a small point of happiness
in the fact that out of the billions of beings on this planet,
I play a small part in keeping a single person's sanity
That even amongst the darkest crevices
in the depths of this beautiful hell
a light can find its way down to someone in that pit
and that I play a role
in either keeping them from falling lower
or temporarily helping them to rise out

And though I'm not quite sure of the being the light touches
I root for it anyway
Because just seeing the silhouette is enough
for me to see a small opening in the dark void around me
Something fighting against its internal calamity,
slowly clawing its way back to the surface
despite the dirt constantly falling

And apart of me wanted to catch the earth
and crush it with the force of a thousand men
But another part of me feels the strength of the being
Even while my eyes are blinded
Even with no direct contact
I could sense a willpower on
A substance much stronger than I am
A substance much stronger than I could be
A substance that would show me a new darkness
A substance that would show me a new light
Without a single word uttered
Without a single breath noticed
With only a blind eye
and the passion behind the ranting of a soul
I then stood tall
and embraced my own darkness

There's no need to be embarrased
There's no need to thank me
Nor is there ever a need to say sorry
These moments
no matter how small
were for the both of us

A shoulder to rest on
A place to rant out the darkness
A place to vent the burdens of life
Until the weight of the world was lifted
Until a hand rose and touched the surface of the earth once again

The End

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