A poem to ma friend.

Itz all about a friendship n itz importance

The journey of life was
As pleasant as the breeze,
As colorful as flower
And spirited as that of chirping sound.

Life was as fresh and
tender as green field
Within which the fresh air
Circled like sweet memories of life.

Flowers in the field gloomed n danced
To the waves of wind remembering me
The joy n spirit of youth.

Dreams were clear
As clear as way ahead
Thou sun set
Dreams didn't let.

Just like a dawn of every day
Came a dawn, which vanished
The smooth love filled journey
To the tragic one.

It was the day
Which took my friend away

Too far to a place which I don't
Meet till end of my life.

A friend who was always ready to talk
With pretty smile....

Who was there when I talked of that extra mile.

Who laughed with me, on every
Little thing,

Who patted me whether I failed or won.

Who used to pull pranks on
Each other ,argue n fight, but

Who didn't really mind.

Who cheered me when things went wrong.
Gave a hug n shoulder to lean on.

My friend with whom I shared the
Innermost thoughts, secrets,
Hopes n desires.

With whom my sorrows I had lent
On whom I relayed
And to me who didn't lie

I lost a gem of my life
As bright as sun
As inspiring as success
An unfulfilled promise one.

At to this moment I passed
The best n worst sequence
Of my life.
N alas left alone in the journey of my life

With treasured evergreen memories
I need a true friend like her

My friend will you be?

The End

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