A poem of words.

This is only the begining of my story. It's a poem of words and it leads me onto a following chapter, a real story. A story of passion,pain and real love. Not the kind you read in fairytales, this is real life not fantasy. It's not easy to read but you'd be suprised by how many relate.

Like a magnet the glint of sharpness catches my eye

A muzzle of pain drowns my fear

And one sign of hurt hushes my urge to cry,

It’s beckoning and releasing,

An enemy disguised at self help,

Labelled self harm.

Being independent never felt so wrong.

The pain is etching in my skin

My body’s crying out to be thin,

All I’m searching for is one bare patch,

Once a bruise now a scratch.

Searching desperately for a sign of bone,

Thinking this illness would leave me less alone.

Many emotions mixed and confused,

A happy feeling,

Now short fused.

Can’t escape,

Would kill to break.

Left alone, No one home,

The possibilities, come and go.

Standing here next to you.

You’re mocking all the things you wouldn’t do,

You can sit here and strong and proud,

While I sit here still no one around,

I can hurt as much as I feel,

But you can’t face me,

Because it’s real.

The End

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