A Poem of Suggestion

Exparamenal poem using only words suggested by my galaxy s 4 phone.

I don’t know what I did? 
I was more than willing to fly. 
“You are not like the one who had been in love” 
I thought I was, but you have to wait for a moment. 
I dropped my food. I have nothing else. 
The first sight I saw was the light of day. 
It was her voice that burned out on the phone. 
Now that you can handle the truth, I will die for you.
You who may not care for me. 
You who mean a whole world. 
If only my head wasn’t aching. 
Becoming numb in your arms.
Nodding off at the end of a great tragedy. 
The best part of me was arguing with the other hand. 
The only problem was wondering what you want me to be.

The End

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