A Poem Of A Heartless Soul

This poem was inspired by a very cute young lady who walked in and out of my life

I got no heart, because the she devil stole it

I saw her as many things in life, but not as a thief

She came into my life like A sneaky thief at night and stole my heart away

For all I know we may never meet again


Though we're far apart

She never crosses my mind she just

Managed to find her corner

And dwelled inside


I've always loved her so tenderly

And I don't know why she kept on unconsciously

Comparing me to her past memories

'cause all I could really be was ME!


Sometimes I pause and smile

As I reminisce on the things we did

Then I'd wonder...

"was it really me!?"


I could almost taste that scent

From the pureness of her heart

Her smile could heal a wounded soul

This kinda love I had for her was contained in my heart for much too long


She taught me many things in life

And she showed me that all the dreams I had

Were only subjected to the limitations of my mind

And for that I called her my 'Einstein'


I loved her with all I had in me and it chased her away

I just hope Lord forgives me

For He warned "too much of anything is a sin"

Though I hate to admit, but this is a kinda sin I most enjoyed committing


It was all in a short period of time

But still I think it was all worth while

And I still hope one day I'd find a way I can

Put a smile again on that adorable face


I wish she'd let me blow her a kiss once again

And she'd let it blow her heart away

Or maybe I could turn back those ticky hands of time

For my love for her will forever be of the utmost potency


My head is all bruised up now

For I've been banging it against these walls hard

Trying to find a way to get to her

Now like Ron Burgundy I got myself trapped in a glass cage of emotions


Like a river flowing, nothing can stop these tears from falling

Like a storm raging, nothing can stop my heart from wailing

Like those cruel floods that took lives

Nothing can wash away the thought of her in my mind


And I keep glancing through my telescope

With a hope less comforting that

Maybe one day I'll get to see

That silver lining at one of those stainless clouds


Love ran away with my heart

And it left me feeling blue

So now from a distant part of me, I wrote this words for her

Though I know my word hath no place in her❤

The End

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