A Poem in Scarlet

I wrote this in a particularly lonely moment

A Poem In Scarlet

The box stands open

Flaps down

The accumulation of

Two lives spilling from

Within as

The objects lay

Upon my bed.


The first, a note

The one we wrote

In verse while sitting

In our boring

Physical science



I love you more

Than the western shore

When she meets the setting Sun


And I love thee

As the eastern sea

'pon whose waves the Sun hath shone


The second, the picture

I have of you

Taken the eve of

Our first date;

You in your scarlet

Dress with your scarlet

Shoes, wearing your

Scarlet lipstick.


The third, the letter

You sent to me

From Maryland, telling me

It was time to move on,

Time to accept that

We couldn't work, even

If I could get to

Maryland, because you just

Didn't love me anymore.


But now, every letter,

Every note; they're all just

Scarlet words, on

Scarlet paper

Locked in a

Scarlet box

…….. With my

Scarlet heart.

The End

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