A Poem For the Empty Lord

A poem to the god my character follows in the online Roleplaying Game "RuneScape".

A Poem For the Empty Lord



O Lord Zaros, god most great, hear my praise!

Your own divine birth makes you a true god

Whereas the pretenders use rocks and sticks

To obtain the great gift of divinity.

You have given us such grand gifts, Lord.

You gave us the most powerful magicks;

Our bodies are safer in your armors.

Your curses unnerve our true enemies.

Heretics slander your name, calling you

evil. But you only want to guide us

to our fullest potential, and away

from the shadows, all while protecting us.

Unlike Zamorak, we remain loyal.

We brandish your bold mark upon our chests.

We are loyal to the end, and much more.

The End

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