A Poem For My Mississippi Man

This is a poem for the person who taught me to love again

I look into your eyes despite

The fact that it's only in

photographs now 

And I see everything I 

Need. They scream my name.

I hear your voice in clips

And phrases you've 

Begun to sound so old, 

So changed so different 

I look at pictures

Where you've sent me kissy faces

And I close my eyes as I feel

Your hand on my cheek

And your lips on mine.

I keep them closed so I dont

Have to open them to 

Nothing. My heart beats as I lay

In the field 1500 miles away

From where you lie tonight and 

Wonder if your eyes are seeing

The same stars. I breath and wonder 

If our inhales and exhales are still

In sync just like they used to be.

When I look into you and 

I see everything I need I see

Everything that I want. That I have ever

Wanted and I just know.

You've been gone for a few days

Now but you're never truly gone I 

Have a part of you peacefully 

Slumbering right below the 

Missing piece of my heart 

That I sent with you. Don't give it 

Away and don't break it. 

I run my hands along the side of my neck

The way you used to it doesnt

Feel the same but it reminds me of

How close you truly are. This is 

Nothing more than a poem. 

A poem inside my journal.

A poem for a love that will never fade.

A poem for my mississippi man. 

The End

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