A Poem for Beauty

Another attempt of mine to be romantic, this about how someone can be more beautiful than anything else in this world- through rose tinted spectacles I suppose...

Your amongst the birds as they fly,

The clouds that form across the sky,

The sea that runs along the shore

And a stranger through an open door.


You’re the sun’s great burning light,

A ghostly whisper in the night;

Dance amongst the leaves and trees,

A memory blowing in the breeze.


You are the message of a lark,

You hold my hand in the dark;

Your beauty’s around like fallen snow,

You’re in every single place in go.


Amongst each bird’s bold, loud song;

Amidst a choir’s angelic throng,

Your vibrancy like a tango dance

As bright and warm as a lover’s glance.




You hold me close as I turn cold,

You shed my age as I grow old,

Your love’s embrace keeps me warm;

Your smile light’s up each day’s dawn.


You’re in the calm of a rippling stream;

Bold as brass, like silver’s gleam,

You live in the painter and his art,

Not even he could paint your heart.


There’s beauty of each flower bed

The beauty of the desert red,

The beauty of the ocean blue;

The beauty of what we say, what we do.


I’ll see great beauty before I’m done

But to choose perfection, pick just one,

Such a treasure only one is true:

The world’s greatest beauty my dear is you…


The End

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