Nothing Like A Pineapple

(I felt like being a little silly)

There is, quite simply put, nothing like a pineapple,
Not ham or cheese or marmite with peas,
Or jam or tea or pop tarts, oh please,
The fruits you say are just not the same,
Bananas and pears  are relatively lame, 
I searched for days, not days but weeks!
Just to find a new fruit that speaks,
straight to my tongue,
A new taste I beckon!
Yet nothing ever comes along.

I tried normal apple but it's just missing that pine,
That tangy taste it lends is simply sublime!
No corn, no meat, especially no shredded wheat,
Ribs and breast, no meat could possibly best,
The fruit that won my heart years ago,
That feeling I get, oh no one could know... 

Oh no, there is nothing quite like a pineapple. 

The End

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