Mmm a good egg...

Who dont like a good egg?

I say-- not pancakes, not toasties,

Not crumpets or bagel holies,

A good ol' egg, fried or kegged (yes kegged)

Sauteed or tossed in with vegetables and such



An egg is so mix-ebble,

That not even a its mother's  (the chicken) kebble

could compare to its uniqueness.

Mix it! Toss it! Toast it with your favorite dough

To make the  love of your life go "Oh!'


An egg is so flexible, that

It can literally flip and prove dexerable,

And not fall on its sunny face,

Or spill in a frothy way.

See, the champion of meats! Slippery,

yet nutrition-y!


So next time when you want the strongest meat

That wont break your teeth,

Allow chefs creative energy,

And clean up good a-plenty,


The egg, I'll reccommend, the egg I'll extend!


The End

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