Somebody here has to tell the truth

It is something we all know is forsooth

There is only one food that can be named king

It substitutes for just about everything.

You can blend it with meat or veggies galore

You can find it in tents or the grocery store

You can wrap it in bags and save it all day

Or keep it in cans and hide it away

You can mix it with eggs and make omelette mush

You can mix it with spaghetti for Italian smush

You can wrap it around a slab of salami

You can have it with “Pops” or eat it with “Mommy”

We all know our favorite food is the one

That tastes good on a plate, from a hand, or a bun

The greatest food is a hero, no sham

It’s S-P-A-M, the wonderful SPAM.

The End

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