Road Kill

Before you call me a monster, let me explain.

The thing I call road kill isn't the same 

as what you might think.

The thing I call road kill I whip up in the sink.

It's hamburger and onions, and garlic  too,

green peppers, tomatoes, almost like a stew.

You mix it together and fry it in a pan.

If you like, you  add anything else that you can.

Potatoes and veggies, maybe  a spice or two.

Almost any old leftover will do.

When you're done, it can look quite a mess, 

That's why I call it road kill, I guess.

It can be delicious, It can be quite crude.

My brother calls it dogfood. 

And that's just rude!

Besides, the dog won't eat it.

Did I mention I can't cook?

The End

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