In Debt to Death

A tourist suddenly finds himself plummeting to the ground as he is waken up from a nap on an overnight flight. Miraculously surviving the plane crash, must find a way to survive in a landscape he has never seen before-- and hope the native people will help him get home.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have run into some turbulence on our descent to--"


BOOM-- and my eyelids are beckoned to rise

My ears perk up along with my eyes

My nose widens up its tunnels to my breath

My body tingles as one falling to death

My skin feels the stiff rising of my body's hair

My mouth tastes with my nose the smoke-filled air

My ears hear screams of those that, with me, fall

My eyes see the engine's fire, the doom of us all.


The sensation in my gut as the airplane goes down

Sends chills through all of me, not just my body

But my mind, my soul; am I ready to die?

Will I be banished to hell, or to heaven will I fly?

Flying has not been reliable today, 

And not in just this obvious way.

I am weighed down not just by gravity

But by the knowledge of those who will grieve in my family

For my untimely demise, this unpleasant surprise:

It is dark now; I won't again see the Sun rise.


The storm rages on, on a falling sanctuary am I

I realize when the plane hits, my comfort will be gone

Time seems to stop, yet the falling goes on

The Earth approaches with the speed of a bullet

Which I fear will penetrate my heart.


Lightning blinds me, its whip cracks

Because of the latter, the windows shatter

The wall cracks open, knocks a blow on my skull.

Out of Death's reach I fall

Out of the plane, but 50 feet from the ground

As the airplane thunders into a cliff's rocky wall

And a shockwave hits of light, heat and sound

And the whole of my body slams into a tree

And that is when my consciousness leaves me.


(This is a story in poems I am writing. Strange, I know, but I figured I would try something different. Let me know what you think as well as if you would like me to do more of these!)

The End

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