A Place That Has No Name

In this place that has no name,
Once many footsteps trod these marble floors
But that was in a far and distant age
Now nothing disturbs the golden doors

In this place once worthy of note
Where people danced and sang
Now only darkness, does it know
For the bells of night have truly rang

In this place of golden thrones
Now ruined by grime and rust
Upon them sits a man of bone
His dull crown, caked with dust

Some say 'twas his people that caused his demise
Others say it must have been his greed
Whatever the cause, he was dead at sunrise
All from his heart, did he bleed.

In this place that has no name
Tears and sadness roam free
Together they played a deadly game
And won again, to claim the victory

In this place lost in the dark
No light shines upon it's tall tower
In it's highest steeple bears no mark
Of it's ruler's awful power

If you find yourself within
This place that has no name
Do not dwell long as the music begins
For you shall last here many an age
In this place that has no name

The End

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