Plea to the Three Lights

Knowledge set these books afire
Dusty and useless
I care no more for what their pages may say
Once, they were in my favour
I turned to them and my Savior
But no more is the desire
I bestow them to their new master
Set these pages afire!

Nature accept me and set my world ablaze
The ways of this world are a mass of confusion
My health and habitat I keep
Thought these invisible wounds are ever so deep
Life is an endless maze
Nature hear me
And set my world ablaze!   

Truths see the lies to the heated flame
A darkness that only creates more darkness
Banish them to make the peace
For without you, it will never cease
Put you them to their shame
I ask of you Third Light
See the lies to the flame!

You are the First Light
You are the Second Light
You are the Third Light
Three lights to light any darkness
To set the world aright.

The End

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