A perfect winters night

Basically, this is nothing like my normal work, not about love or my amazing fiance, not a story about murder. I was going along the street and a fox frightened me, then i saw another three on my way home, not sure if it was the same one or not....so i decided to write about it.

hope you like
was gonna call it fantastic mr fox, but that was taken.:D:D

I jump as the blurred figure crosses my sight,

gone in mere seconds, in a flash of red and white.


Oh my goodness how you made me jump out of my socks,

good evening to you, young mister Fox.


Skulking through the alleys, walking down the streets,

looking in the darkness, as my heart slowly beats.


How lovely to see you although I got a fright,

good evening mister Fox, hope you enjoy the rest of your night.

The End

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