The End

I saved her soul - but only just.

 Mine can’t be salvaged, one more push

Will send me straight to Hell.

If there is a Hell

For a vampire.


If there is a Hell

Then there is a god-

If there is a god

He pitied my plight, for

As she lay there,

Bleeding, broken, bitten,

He sent me the strength

To save her.

If she can ever be saved

From the future.


Her number was up the first time we met,

The strength of her scent I’ll never forget

As it instantly unleashed

The monster.

How sick I am now her protector.


If only for her I could stay away...

If not for my wretched desires.




My stone heart now set

I have no more choice

My love lives

And yet

Here I still sit,

The true danger.


Do I love her enough

To leave her?


I don’t want to be a monster.

The End

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