A Paradox of a World

In the Learner's World, as green as the grass covered in dew by the rushing river, and as red as the burning flames licking at the heels of the passing fire fighters, there is a song so lovely, that many die just to hear its tinkling notes. At the same time, so horrible that everything that knows better stays away.

There is a sentence, so long, it takes away a lifetime. But so short, that it goes by before you notice it has started.

 There is something so loud, it makes your ribs vibrate. It is so soft that you must strain your ears to listen to it.

 There is a secret so secret, that only the little girl who wrote it in her diary knows what it is. It is one so obvious, that even the wind and trees and animals whisper it to those who listen.

There is a book, so wordy, so complex, that your IQ must be more than 100 to even consider fathoming its complex meaning. yet it is so simple, that a child with a functioning imagination can see the point.

There is a wood so hard, that it takes years to cut down to size. But it is so soft, it is a resting place for children.

There is a place so big, that one's eyes don't know where to look first. And so small, that only one person may enter at a time.

This place is called the Island of Dreamers. It is always so close that you can almost reach it from the Learner's World.

The only place with access is the Rester's World. Everyone sees this land differently.

To some, it is filled flowers and feathers and small woodland creatures.

Some are scientific wonderlands, filled with life forms not yet discovered.

And still some are filled with candy and sugar and a reprieve from school.

One can only hope to finally find their Rester's world, with that all access pass to the Island of Dreamers.

I can promise you this, when they do, they never want to leave. no matter what it is like, they don't want to leave.

The End

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