A Packed Suitcase

A poem about a man whose wife leaves.

He didn't notice the suitcase
Sitting by the door
But his eyes opened wide
As he sunk onto the floor.

All the furniture was gone
There was nary a knick or knack
The empty room began to spin
Hot air was turning black.

He rushed into the baby's room
No toys, books or clutter
Clutching at his chest
His heart began to flutter.

Slogging to the bedroom
He shared with his lovely wife
Vacancy stared him in the eyes
Where had gone his life?

Back on down the hallway
To re-trace his heavy steps
He now noticed the suitcase
And reached into its depths.

There was their wedding photo
A couple pictures of their son
Why'd she want to leave him?
What had made her run?

The note she'd packed away
Didn't explain too much
Just that she was tired
Of the hitting and such.

As her golden wedding ring
Rolled across the hardwood floor
He looked again at her portrait
The one he had adored.

He only did what he thought
What he saw a marriage to be
Daddy always picked on Ma
She never complained, you see.

Now she was breaking the cycle
Of generations long since passed
His son would grow into a real man
And for him, true love would las

The End

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