Written 2nd October 2011.

i never saw you
the way you always saw me - never realised
that what i felt wasn't the same as your heart
and now you're hurt and i don't know
what i can do to stop it

 because i should've told you
shouldn't have said that it wasn't my fault
i guess i could say it was
yet i apologised and said it's him
it's not it's me and i told you lies
and i'm sorry

even now when i'm trying to be still
trying to remain friends
yet if i look up i see him there
and how can i explain this?
how can i tell the truth when i can see your face?
yet words on a screen
will hurt you even more.

seems like nothing's gone right
these last few weeks.
seems like everything i do is only
making it worse, surely you see that
your pain's hurting me too...

The End

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