A Child Again

Crawled underneath a bed – hiding,
Like that would help, like that
Would stop the hurting, like that
Would keep me safe and stop me
From falling deeper, deeper, down
Into a place from which I could not
Get back, a place from which an exit
Was impossible, a place from which
I would never, ever leave.

Scrunched up in a little ball – a child
Again, like that was the way to
Make it all go away, like that
Would take away the problems that
Growing up had caused, and make
Me safe once more, before it was
Too late and I would have to stay
There for ever and ever.

A young adult reduced to baby – youth
Once spawned, now clung to as
Though it were the future, not
The past, as though it could resolve
The problems it had never had
To face, and I would be able to reverse
Everything that had happened,
If only I could become one more time
A child again.

The End

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